Masdevallia Orchid

This orchid stays in the bathroom downstairs and it seems to be happiest there.

Hagley Park and the Christchurch Botanic Gardens

I was feeling nolstagic again, and this is really an excuse for me to take out the Panasonic Lumix FX-30, a camera released round about when the first…

Day Out at Akaroa

Kara the Office Dog

She has the most lovely blue eyes.

Piña Colada

Sonny (and I) love piña coladas, but we don’t like getting caught in the rain.

Pink Sunset

It really is as pink as it looks. A real stunner.

Tissot Heritage Petite Seconde

I love watches with manual-wind movements. This particular watch has a ETA/Unitas 6498-1, essentially a pocket watch movement designed in the 1950s. Despite knowing that a 42mm watch…

The Game Boy Watch

The perfect watch for when the Casio F-91W is a tad too formal.

Sonny the Bear and Leonard the Cat

One of my favourite photos of Sonny and Leonard.

Google Nest Mini Speakers

Helping Google to know me better. In all seriousness, these speakers are quite helpful. I get Google to help me start the robotic vacuum cleaner with faulty physical…

Leonard, the Sleeping Lion


Willow Tree by the Avon River

I was in a bit of a mood to take photos with an actual camera this morning, after waking up earlier than expected and spending the pre-getting-out-of-bed time…

Day Trip to Oxford Township

Went for a drive to Oxford today. Oxford is a town that I once thought of moving to many years ago, but the rush hour commute every weekday…

Recent Orchid Additions

There’s been a couple of new orchid additions to the household recently. It’s amazing how there always seem to be enough room for orchids here… Geoff loves all…

Christchurch City Walkabout

Another lovely day to be out for a walk in #Ōtautahi #Christchurch #Aotearoa #NewZealand. Not usually a fan of savoury muffins but apparently is a must when at…

Winter Sunset in Ōtautahi / Karaitiana Christchurch

I love walking through Hagley Park when the sky isn’t pouring down with rain. Here’s some lovely photos that I’ve taken with my cellphone on my way home.

Christchurch City Walkabout

The sun has finally emerged after having disappeared for almost two weeks. The walkabout in town is pretty much a given! Apparently we did just around 13,000 steps…

Christchurch City Walkabout

Nothing beats a lovely walkabout in the city when the sun is out in Christchurch, especially when the city is a mere 45-60 minutes walk away – combining…

Autumn in Christchurch

Autumn’s my favourite season of the year. The colours of the city really stands out during this season, accentuated by the low angle of the sunlight throughout the…

First Weekend of Freedom

We got our freedom back two days ago in the sense that we’re now allowed to go outside for non-essential things, such as for entertainment and for non-essential…