Hello, World!

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Some time ago, we attempted to deployed a website update at work which was blocked. A developer from another department spotted the words “Hello World”, and assumed that we have left in some debugging text or placeholder.

It was, in fact, the name of a travel agency here in New Zealand.

It was a little while ago now, but I could probably never forget that incident… and that is why the title of this page is what it is, bit of an insider tech joke. True story.

Welcome to the website. It is extremely likely that nothing here will be of interest to you, unless you happen to enjoy my style of photography or is interested in what I have to ramble on about, which is most likely photography, travel or programming related. For my cat’s website, visit Lost Moggy. For my travelling teddy bear’s website, visit Sonny The Bear. Both sites (and this one!) are under heavy construction. Hard hat recommended.

Feel free to leave a comment if you like. The system requires that you put in an email address. If you would like me to reply to your comment, be sure to put in a valid one. It is private to me, and is not published on the website.

Recent Ramblings

  • Day Trip to Oxford Township
    Went for a drive to Oxford today. Oxford is a town that I once thought of moving to many years ago, but the rush hour commute every weekday on the long, straight Tram Road drive didn’t appeal. My work setup in recent years has become rather flexible, and possibly remain flexible for the foreseeable future,… Continue reading Day Trip to Oxford Township
  • Recent Orchid Additions
    There’s been a couple of new orchid additions to the household recently. It’s amazing how there always seem to be enough room for orchids here… Geoff loves all sorts of orchids, and I personally find Paphiopedilums irresistible 🙂
  • Christchurch City Walkabout
    Another lovely day to be out for a walk in #Ōtautahi #Christchurch #Aotearoa #NewZealand. Not usually a fan of savoury muffins but apparently is a must when at @c1espresso.
  • Winter Sunset in Ōtautahi / Karaitiana Christchurch
    I love walking through Hagley Park when the sky isn’t pouring down with rain. Here’s some lovely photos that I’ve taken with my cellphone on my way home.
  • Christchurch City Walkabout
    The sun has finally emerged after having disappeared for almost two weeks. The walkabout in town is pretty much a given! Apparently we did just around 13,000 steps today, but I’m sure that the calories consumed balanced that out. Here’s some pictures taken today (with the rainy photo taken a few days ago). All taken… Continue reading Christchurch City Walkabout
  • Christchurch City Walkabout
    Nothing beats a lovely walkabout in the city when the sun is out in Christchurch, especially when the city is a mere 45-60 minutes walk away – combining exercise and sightseeing is nice 🙂 Apparently we did almost 12,000 steps! There’s also a trendy new eatery place that’s opened called The Welder. It’s established in… Continue reading Christchurch City Walkabout