Christchurch Fujifilm X100T Holiday Snaps

Autumn in Christchurch

Autumn’s my favourite season of the year. The colours of the city really stands out during this season, accentuated by the low angle of the sunlight throughout the day. You can’t beat a walkabout in the city on a sunny autumn’s day.

Fujifilm X100T Holiday Snaps

Christchurch City Walkabout

Geoff and I do a walkabout in the city almost every weekend as part of our attempt to get off the coach at least once a week. I don’t always take photos when going on such walks… but I really should do that more often. After all, I do enjoy taking photos.

Hagley Park – Christchurch’s main city park – is pretty much at our doorstep. Soon, perhaps in about a month or so, the leaves will turn yellow and brown, and hopefully I’ll be in time to take some lovely autumn scenes. The “pop-up” bookshop still has stock in disarray, a time capsule in its own right.