Vespa Sprint 150
Vespa Sprint 150

An old riding friend of mine got in touch today, after coming across my phone number buried in his contact list. I suppose he might be doing a sweep of his friends list. He asked if I still have the Vespa.

We haven’t been in contact for a while. Turns out, he had previously bought a Vespa, sold it, and is now buying another Vespa. I laughed to myself. I know very well that feeling – once a Vespa rider, always a Vespa rider. No other two-wheeler compares.

Just the other day, I was getting ready to ride to work when a guy pulled up outside my house. He walked up the driveway, introduced himself and complimented me on my Vespa. He said that he’s just bought one recently and is really enjoying the ride. Strange then that he was driving a car that day, but still…

And it’s a common story in this global Vespa community. Years ago when I rode a different Vespa, I get compliments on the bike all the time. People admire them. When Vespa riders ride past each other on the road, they smile to each other. It doesn’t seem common for Vespa riders to wave, like motorbikers do sometimes, but the smile is way friendlier, don’t you think?

Of course, if cost is not an issue, I’ll own several different motorbikes and scooters of various makes and models. If I can only have one, however, it’s going to be a Vespa.

Vespa Sprint 150
A modern incarnation of the classic Italian scooter – Vespa Sprint 150 (2016)